Seat Platform

K1 Platform – £51.00 +

K2 Platform – £58.00 each

Gees platform system has a slide and rear bolt setup, the seat is held securely even when the boat is upside down.  The seat adjustment is over 143mm at 7.5mm increments.  Platforms are available from 175mm to 255mm wide for the 147 seat and 215mm to 255mm for the 183 seat.

The choice of platform width is very important as the wider the platform the higher the seat setup starts.  The seat height range is relevant to the water and not the height within the boat.  Kayaks vary in draft/displacement by up to 35mm from the stable racing kayaks to the modern narrow hull sections.

K2 platforms are usually wider and tapered to maintain a level position, custom made for each model of boat and height.

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