Front Footrest Plate
  • £9.40

The slotted front footrest plate can fit in most makes of racing kayaks. The footplate, made from 9mm marine plywood, gives excellent strength and durability. The 12mm wide tiller bar slot is designed to take our 10mm thick tiller bar. The plate has radius edges for comfort.

Supplied without bolt holes for positioning on different makes of footrest unit. Plywood has good weight to strength ratio, with thermal properties for winter paddling. Dimensions, 255mm x 98mm x 9mm marine plywood.

Footrest Plate Fitting

  • Position the footplate on the footrest carriage.
  • Mark the holes from behind then drill holes in plate.

It is rarely necessary to countersink the holes, tightening the bolts will draw the bolt heads flush. If fitted this way the plate will remain tight to the carriage.