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I must mention Mark Giddings, because he had such an influence on my development as a junior paddler and spent many hours as a volunteer coaching myself and Trevor Hunter. He was a thinking coach, probably ahead of his time in Great Britain. He taught us how to paddle and more importantly, how to think.

Eric Farrell MBE (Coach to Tim Brabants, Olympic gold medallist)

If you want a professional job done; Mark Giddings.

Ivan Lawler [six times world champion]

The Most Beautiful Mark Gees Seat I have ever seen. Kevasingo – book matched face veneer face. STUNNING.


An awesome set of Mark Gees paddles.

Tim Trent

Mark Gees manufactured a few different versions of wooden paddles, the top of the range was the Triton, a cracking paddle with a ‘stripped’ blade.

Nick Benny

I was very proud of those paddles…

Chris S Sladden

[Mark Gees Tritons]…gorgeous various dark and light laminated woods, hand made, warm, flexible, great shaped loom (old term!)…

Nick Benny

I had a nice set of Mark Gees once, but some git nicked them out of my garden one night after I forgot to put them away 🙁

Martin Harrall

A fantastic paddle in their day

Ian Dallaway

I’ve owned 5 sets of kayak paddles, and still have them all!

Pam Bell

The best paddles were Mark Gees.

[paddles] still got them.

Yellow boat

Nobody in this country has the craftsmanship to make paddles like this anymore … Mark made some beautiful paddles. I haven’t canoed for 20 years but couldn’t bring myself to sell them.

Phil – phm3333

My paddles made in Twickenham remain the most tactile loving prepared blades I ever owned.
They were made for me and we picked the blend of woods to suit. Craftmanship so rare. They got me out of an enormous stopper flexing to take the strain then relentless in their resistance. I burst a blood vessel in my hand never let go and neither did they.. Simply amazing. thank you .

Matt Petre