Platform Kayak Seat; 147
  • Standard seat
  • 40mm high
  • 147mm sub frame width
  • £145.00

The 147mm seat has 5 height and 3 pitch settings and is ideal for the paddler who wants a precision technical setup.  he seat is located and held onto the boat platform by a front slide track and two rear bolt system. With forward and backward adjustment of 143mm at 7.5mm increments gives fine adjustment for leg positioning, allows you to achieve your optimum paddling position. The seat will easily transfer between boats with the same platform fitting. Changes to the seat set up are quick and easy, even when at the waters edge (no need for a tool kit).

There is a lower seat option which has a 15mm lower paddling position. Please see Platform Seat 147 Low for details.

The 147 seat size platforms are used by Kirton Kayaks and Marsport.