Seat Platform
  • K1 Platform
    • £52.80 +
  • K2 Platform
    • £58.60 each

Gees seat platforms are designed with a slide and rear bolt system; the seat is held securely even when the boat is upside down.

The seat adjustment is over 143mm at 7.5mm increments.

Platforms are available from 175mm to 255mm wide for the 147 seats and 215mm to 255mm for the 183 seats. Wider widths are available for larger K2 and K4 kayaks

The choice of platform width is important as the wider the platform the higher the seat. The seat height position is relevant to the water and not the height within the boat. Kayaks vary in draft/displacement by 35mm from the stable racing kayaks to the modern narrow hull sections.

K2 platforms are usually wider and tapered to maintain a level position, custom made for each model of boat and height.

Platforms are easily installed in craft without them (see fitting information).

Helpful hints for installing platforms:

  • Locate platform in front to back position.
  • Level boat then level platform.
  • Apply masking tape to hull around platform glue area.
  • Sand hull to expose fibres and clean surface.
  • Apply masking tape to top edge of platform.
  • Apply glue, work into both surfaces then apply more.
  • Position platform.
  • Place 5kg of weight on the platform to hold it in position, use a flat board along the centre of the platform to spread the weight.
  • Check level.
  • Tidy up glue line.
  • Remove masking tape allow glue to harden over night.

Recommended glue

  • Flexible Polyurethane
  • Soudaflex 40FC Polyurethane Adhesive
  • Sikaflex – 291i marine adhesive / sealant
    • (other makes available)

Seat adjustment:

  • When adjusting position and heights of the seat it might be necessary to
  • slacken thumb nuts to align bolts with holes.
  • Do not over tighten thumb nuts as this will make them much harder to undo.
  • To maintain your Gees seat, dry after use.
Platform Seat Fixing Bolt
  • £0.90 each

A single replacement 5mm fixing bolt.  For securing Gees seat support to the seat platform.