FAQ – Platform Seat

Platform Seat Adjustment

Q. How does my seat adjust?

A. Simply by undoing the 4 thumb nuts and selecting another position.

Platform Seat Pitch

Q. What benefit do I get from pitch change?

A. Changing the seat pitch changes your pelvic tilt, this can reduce lower disc compression (increased pitch)  Gees seats are pitched at 15, helping the paddler to get increased performance as well as comfort. Other manufactures seats are pitched from negative to  five meaning some of the seats are leaning backwards.

Q. How do I change the seat pitch?

A. As for height change but select uneven holes, higher back or front by 1 position. (Not available on lowest setting)

Q. I feel as if I am sitting on the back of my seat.

A. Try changing the seat pitch.  Knees to high so leg drive pushes you over the seat back.  Insufficient push with the upper shoulder resulting in weak body rotation (seek technical help).